Depending on the look you want we can stain or paint your new fence, or leave it to naturally silver. When it comes to the style of your new fence, choose from pickets, panels, lapped palings or louvred.

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A new fence can be great way to freshen up the look and value of your property.

If you want an affordable and durable fence that gives privacy, security, a shield against the wind or pet protection, then a timber fence is the answer! Closely joined timber fences, like panel fencing can also block out noise.

Softwoods are mostly recommended for posts as they are more resistant to rot. Make sure your new fence lasts as long as possible by using treated timber, it guards agains the elements, termites and rot!

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Adding a deck to your property means adding extra living space for the warmer months – and a bonus entertaining area. We can either attach the deck to your house or have it stand alone. With the addition of bifold or double glass doors a deck can make the inside feel more spacious too.

A free standing deck in the garden can also create a visual focus either around your pool or under a pergola or hut.

Before going ahead be sure to consider how much you have to spend (decking usually starts around $160 per square metre),
the best style to use

in harmony with your home, how much it will be protected or exposed to the weather and what you will be using it for.

We’re happy to provide you with the expertise to making your new deck a real success.


improve your outdoor living

A new fence can be great way to freshen up the look and value of your property.

PLEASE NOTE, these are a starting guide only. Sites with hidden rocks, large root systems and steep angles may cause the time needed to be increased.


In any case fences will require at least two days work as cement footings for support posts will take overnight to set.